About Us

ABOUT THE SHELTER: The Ferret Rescue of Maine (FROM) is a 501c3 state-licensed, non-profit rescue and no-kill shelter dedicated to serving the needs of the domestic ferret throughout the state, regardless of their age, health or political affiliation.

In addition to rescuing homeless ferrets, FROM also works with local pet stores to provide education seminar for ferret owners as well as people considering ferrets as an addition to their family, answering questions and offering free ear cleaning and nail clipping (for ferrets only!).

Not all ferrets are adoptable due to age or medical conditions. Those ferrets will live out their lives at the shelter, receiving love, care and medical attention, which can be extremely costly. If you are not in the position to add a ferret to your family, consider becoming a sponsor for one of those who are in hospice at F.R.O.M.

Ferret Rescue of Maine is run by Jim and Crystal Kennedy.

ABOUT JIM & CRYSTAL KENNEDY: Married for 27 years, Jim and Crystal Kennedy began their ferret journey 26 years ago when they adopted their first ferret – Bandit. It was several years later that they first became involved with the ferret rescue, which at that time was being managed by a young lady out of her own home. The Kennedy’s ferret brood grew from two to 15 as they continued to volunteer their time with the rescue and became close friends with the lady, who eventually decided to close the shelter, leaving it’s future in the hands of Jim and Crystal, who were still relatively new to ferrets.

Taking the bull by the horns, Jim and Crystal became organized and obtained a licensed through the state and registered as a 501c3 non-profit shelter. They ran the shelter for the first five years in a two-bedroom mobile home until they determined a new space was required. They built a new home with the shelter in mind, with the entire 28’ x 40’ basement serving as the shelter’s new home. Jim and Crystal continue to update, modify and try to finish the shelter. They take pride on in all the kids that have found great homes and provide a nurturing environment for those who are in hospice until they cross over to the rainbow bridge.